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Ron Craggs

Senior Consultant
Ron’s 40 years experience in the electricity supply industry has spanned technical, engineering, administrative and senior executive roles, leaving him well positioned to assist the clients of Energy and Management Services.

Ron concluded his lengthy career as a Corporate Executive in December 2005 to seek opportunities as an Engineering and Management Consultant. He commenced with Energy and Management Services in March 2006.

Since joining Energy and Management Services, Ron has assisted a range of clients in areas such as energy audits for industrial plants and commercial premises, economic modeling of various proposals including cogeneration and other energy savings initiatives, liaison with energy suppliers and distributors, co-ordination of connections and supply contracts, and the design, specification and acquisition of major plant items.

Ron is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia and a past Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), NSW Institute of Technology (UTS) and a Graduate Diploma of Management, Capricornia Institute (UCQ).

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